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Fascinating glimpse into HowTheRightThinks, covering DeDollarization, AmericanWarOnIraq etc.

Of course I'm familiar with the basic story and ConspiracyTheories in their left wing form. But it's so weird to see the right-wing take :

  • the intense attacks on JoeBiden which makes this almost certainly a kind of political campaign for the US Republicans. How explicit / deliberately written and funded as such I can't tell.
  • the extreme SalesPitch strategy of "create a problem" or worry in the target's mind that you are then offering your product as the solution for.
  • the raw appeals to greed : American civilization is collapsing and here's how you can profit from it
  • coupled with lack of SystemsThinking : civilization will collapse but the fragile PropertyRights framework underlying my solution will be just fine.
  • the unashamed and self-righteous indignation at the thought of losing America's unfair advantages without any moral qualms about their existence or the brutal measures the US took to maintain them
  • the strong RightLibertarian disapproval of government intervention. It's fine for the US to launch wars killing 100s of thousands in defense of its economic advantage, but Biden's catastrophic sin is to go against property rights.
  • the front-loaded endless appeal to the authority of the writer via his credentials (more a sales than right wing thing)

NaomiKlein in her excellent book Doppelganger describes this as TheMirrorWorld

CoryDoctorow :

The far right has even managed to co-opt anti-corporate rhetoric. Culture warriors rail against "woke capitalism," insisting that when big businesses take socially progressive positions, it's just empty "virtue signalling." And you know what? They've got a point. Partially.

As with all mirror-world politics, the anti-woke-capitalism shuck is designed to convince low-information right-wing pismires into buying "anti-woke pillows" and demanding the right to pay junk fees to "own the libs":

But woke capitalism is bullshit. Corporations – profit-maximizing immortal transhuman colony organisms that view workers and customers as inconvenient gut-flora – do not care about social justice. They don't care about anything, except for minimizing compensation for workers while maximizing the risk those workers bear; and locking in and gouging customers for products that are as low-quality as can be profitably sold.

Anti vaxxers think that conflict between Israel and Hamas (HamasAttackOnIsrael2023) is being used by pro-vaxxers to divide the antivaxx movement.

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