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I commented on the above article as examples of the right-wing mindset over the Iraq war / American Imperialism etc. (And of course, this doesn't really include other kinds of right eg. right-libertarians or anti-war conservatives ... read with TheLanguageOfTheRight and realize this stuff + BecomingConservative / MovingToTheRight is actually due for a serious re-organization soon.)

In particular I was disturbed by the "don't try to understand, condemn!" attitude of the moderator. But I think Graham is right to pick up some other aspects ... take it away Graham.

I'd like to comment on this more some time, maybe over at exmosis, but in the meantime it's a really interesting read - not for how shiver-inducing the speakers are, but for just how 'rational'' some of the arguments are - in places, much more down to earth than many "arguments" the anarchist-left put forward (but then, that's probably like comparing apples with tofu).

A couple of them stress the distinction between Koranist Islam and "Pre-Islam" - an important understanding, IMHO. And Leiken, towards the end of the first page, lists reasons why democracy alone is NOT a panacea - against all the propaganda put forward by the monkeys running the West.

However, as usual, the speakers indulge in various flights of hypocritical fantasy. They avoid, for the most part, taking any kind of critical view of the West's attitude or methods, and tend towards a zeal for spreading democracy that rivals the "pre-Islamic" zeal for spreading fundamentalism - DESPITE Ion Mihai Pacepa's apt description of how enemies and allies are created. Really, each side is as bad as the other, a fact that the Righties fail to admit, and a fact that further prevents me from trusting them at all.

In some sense, the terror war (I like the phrase too, I shall use it more - although it's hardly a war) is YARW (Yet Another Religious War). But in another sense it goes a little deeper than religion, at least in the traditional sense, and we in the West are now defending man-made morals, rather than ones we deem to have "inherited" from a divinity. In the terror war, "western freedom" (which is not true freedom) is just another word for "god". It is a societal value, the ends of which are peace through uniformity, and those that are enemies are merely those that are different. Under the dreams of PNAC, Al-Quaeda, the Nazis, the Communists, etc, it is this eradication of difference that pervades and influences thinking, and in this way, all these ideologies are the same. And thus, they are all doomed to conflict, as they refuse to accept that There's More Than One Way To Do It.

In reality, difference is the best thing we have.

-- GrahamLally

Very different example of how the right see the left from libertarian site :

The founder of fascism clearly realized that all of these collectivist ideas, i.e., socialism, fascism and communism, belonged on the Left and were all opposed to individualism on the Right. Fascism is not an extreme form of individualism and is a part of the Left, or collectivism.

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