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LionKimbro talks about us entering the "era of the graph". When the graph becomes the most significant way of organizing and the icon of the times.

The technologies I have been writing about all have a theme in common - objects are not organised in 1-dimentional lists or on a 2-dimentional surface - they are organised in a more complex "idea space" and visual representation of these objects and links between them is flexible. The coming programmer's era can be called, "The Era of the Graph". The Graph is the new gold standard for computer programming, and it will be the fundamental assumption of programming in this era ...'

I haven't seen anyone write about this, but it is clear: We are just now entering the Era of the Graph. If "The Matrix" were remade in 2007, the defining stylistic feature would not be the green "Katakana-like" teletype; it would be a wash of circles connected by lines.

That sounds very plausible to me.

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