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Hmmm. Washing up on today's FlowInternet are two stories (via BillSeitz)

But can we win BonusFreakyConnectionPoints for joining these two? To what extent are these group added "tags" the contextual "frames" about how we understand things? To what extent

Nowadays on ThoughtStorms I use PageNames as short hand for ideas. I don't even remember what's on the pages. I just remember the name stands for a whole cluster of ideas which are related to it. WikiIsLikeLanguage names have meanings. And user contributed tags and clustering will frame the meaning of certain articles on the web.

Maybe we're reaching for the idea of a touchstone. Articles which no-one needs to read, but which have their meaning due to the link-structure captured in del.icio.us and TechnoRati etc.

Hmmm ...

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