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The great thing about TribeNet is that it's a place to try out ideas to try to form communities around.

My experiments vary in seriousness, scope and success. Think of these as little fragments of grit, which might one day grow into pearls.

: the largest and most serious of my tribes. Clearly is a real and important thing to form groups around, and I hope starting a tribe will help that. This tribe had 215 members when I last looked. The best thing about it, which I hadn't expected, is a vociferous Misesian advocate of Gold (and other commodity-backed moneys) who brings a different (right-wing, critical) perspective on things.

: Had to be done. And managed to pull in 7 Gbloink! fans, even though I'm terrible for not actually contributing or stimulating any discussion there.

: The (oh, alright, I'll use the word) "meme" I was trying to push at the end of last year. PersonalHyperText is for Smart, Disorganized Individuals ... But fun because it encourages crazy rants against personal organizers and discussions on using paper notebooks. One day, I hope, these people will use SdiDesk.

: I got interested in the idea of a group blogging. Sometimes I think it would be nice to pool me resources and write more deeply in conjunction with an engaged group of other people. Get some some energy from each other etc. I even pitched this as a commercial enterprise to the GlocalConversation people, but nothing took off.

: This was an inspired moment of foolishness, and I thought it would be massively controversial and argued about. (And therefore a busy tribe.) In fact, it's pretty dud.

: This seemed to be missing from tribe, so I fixed that.

  • WeWillNeverMeet

: The anti-meet-up tribe. Another surreal gesture which I wax lyrical about on the WeWillNeverMeet page here.

: Another tribe game, this time inspired by GeneralistsVsSpecialists

  • TribalatiTheGame (

: Bringing IlluminatiTheGame to Tribe