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HowardRheingold's new book / idea.

Major themes :

  • the mobile / always on internet
  • rapid mobile phone adoption is transforming society

** in cultures where teenagers have little private space, mobile phones help to turn public space into virtual private space. For example a group of friends can dynamically decide to alight on a cafe and make it theirs

** many people are outraged / disconcerted by this blending, for example hearing half of a private conversation in public

** mobile phones are used socially, eg. passed around so members of a group can read what's on the screen

** mobile phones help groups of teenagers maintain an always on group of friends who may or may not be present at the time

** the phone is becoming a "remote control (ie. handsize control panel) for life"

** integrating positioning allows location based stuff ... for example multi-player role playing shoot outs in the real world

Good outline map of the technologies :

  • http ://

Blog :

RichardGabriel on Mob software : (BigBallOfMud) (BigBallOfMud)

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