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Ryze was the first YASNS I used.

Site seems to be up, but looks pretty out of date.

As I'd never used something like that before, these notes are really about my first encountered this type of software back in the very early 2000s.

I didn't quite get Ryze when I first saw it. Why would I need a clunky tool with lots of form filling etc. just to build a network of people? What's wrong with technologies like BlogRoll and Wiki where the cost of participation is cheaper?

However I joined and it's got me thinking :

  • damn! I wish I'd invented this

Given that Ryze lets people build networks and communicate, it's exactly my idea of a smart business model. (ValuingNetworks).

  • although I found it clunky, that may actually be a good thing. If you can persuade people to use it rather than Wiki. It's one of the SlowNetworks. Are we actually going to see multiple ShearingLayers of different speed networks in parallel? (WorldsWithinWheels)
  • this is really a version of those "find your old school friend" sites which are so compelling and successful
  • it's another warning that exclusivity is going to be an important feature of valuable networks. (NetoCracy)
  • it really is very clever. But is it perhaps a bit literal in it's cleverness about networks? Could it fail because it's too based on a smart understanding of how networks work, but not what people want
  • it's a damned nuisance that I can't thank someone who posted to me without inviting a friend. I don't want to inflict ryze on anyone at this moment, but I want to be polite to someone who generously welcomed me. Now I'm pissed with the system!

Update August 2003. These damned things won't go away. So I guess there is something more to them. I've now joined TribeNet which is basically the same kind of thing. And started inviting my friends!

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