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Q : PhilJones, why are you so obsessed with PlatformWars and strategy? (PlatformWarsLogic)

A : Well, firstly I think it's one of the major logics whereby the courses of technological history and social institutions unfold. And as someone always interested in TheLogicOfTheFuture I think it's important to understand that history unrolls as a dynamical system of conflicting and complementing forces. PlatformWars are as big a part of the ufolding history of technology as real wars were of the unfolding of political history.

Q : Hmmm. Sounds a bit "great man theory" to me. Aren't economic laws more important than nation states or kings in history?

A : Of course, and PlatformWars about technological standards are a better approximation for a more economic / SystemsThinking approach than mere personalities. Although, one can't rule out the latter occasionally. After all human society sometimes has sensitive dependency on initial conditions and sometimes individuals are important. But remember the other side of ChaosTheory is that sometimes contexts are more important.

Q : So, you don't have that entrepreneurial itch making you want to join in?

A : How can anyone have some element of HackerIntuition and be a member of modern InternetCulture and not feel a pull in that direction? Although I have other weaknesses that have so far stopped me taking the plunge. There are, nevertheless two platform wars which are particularly of interest to me, which I want to become involved in because I care about the outcome. I want particular sides to win.

Q : Ah, the old FreeSoftware thing, right?

A : Nah! FreeSoftwarePlatformWars can take care of themselves. I'm pretty sure FreeSoftware will win, with or without my help. No, the two that I'm really interested in are :

  • Money : AltMoneyBarriersToEntry is interesting. What can we learn from PlatformWarsLogic to help promote local and alternative money systems in the world. This is my grand political project of the moment.

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