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Quora Answer : Identity: Can people primarily culturally identify with non-national or non-ethnic objects or concepts?

Nov 12, 2015

Sure. What about hippies, punks, goths, ravers, geeks, nerds, bros, fitness freaks, extreme sports kids, golfers, hipsters, hikers, swingers, sado-masochists, skateboarders, gamers, hackers, makers, foodies, gardeners ...

People are very happy to construct their identities around these interests and activities.

Quora Answer : What are the arguments against a universal identity number?

Dec 9, 2013

Very soon, everything you've ever done (every doctor you've consulted, every ailment you've had, every purchase you've made, every channel you've subscribed to, every venue you've visited, every toll-gate you've driven through, every flight you've taken, country you've visited) will be available for the authorities to browse or data-mine.

It really isn't clear to us, how much "freedom" we'll have left in such circumstances. Well before we reach an age of political awareness, the authorities will already have a map of who we know, who we like, what we read, what we're likely to think. I believe that under such circumstances it will become impossible for any new idea to arise and gain traction that can challenge the existing status quo and the incumbent powers. And I believe that that effectively puts a stop to any further progress in human culture.