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Fascinating point :

Right-wing Americans and their Atlanticist fellow travellers in Europe typically attack Europe for being soft on immigration. But how much is there an ulterior motive of sabotaging Europe as a rival to the UnitedStates?

(See also Brexit)

By definition, Europe, a project of tying together a bunch of countries with long histories of fighting each other and cultural differences, can't play the game of assuming that "civilization" is a single monolithic culture.

Of course, this is why some people love "Christian" or "Judeo-Christian" culture so much. It gives them the myth of a single, monolithic "euro-civilization" culture which can encompass all of Europe.

WhiteSupremacy narratives are the solution to the fact that Europe is already "multi-cultural"

Right wing criticism often amounts to :

Multiculturalism is an illiberal belief in the fundamental equality of cultures.

(I guess I can agree or disagree, based on what you mean by "equality")

Compare another connection to GlobalGuerrillas / NetworkedTribes

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