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Note : This argument is about micro-payments for information and content. Not necessarily for MicroMarkets in services and physical objects like Fiverr

"Micropayments : For And Against". Jakob Nielsen thinks that content must be paid for, and micropayments are essential. Clay Shirky argues that readers hate them.

  • Update June 2005 : MicroPayments/iTunes

Ron Rivest has a statistical method of collecting Micropayments : http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/048/business/Solvingtheproblemofmicropayments+.shtml

RedPaper are doing it : http://www.redpaper.com/

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Hey, I say I win BonusFreakyConnectionPoints for joining this with AllClocksAreClouds because of Shirky's statement : When you disaggregate a newspaper, it becomes harder to value, not easier. By accepting that different people will find different things interesting, and by rolling all of those things together, a newspaper achieves what micropayments cannot: clarity in pricing.