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In newspapers, bundling will get disintermediated (HowToMakeMoneyOnTheInternet)

But bundling allows non-profitable aspects of newspapers (like investigative reporting, deeper fact checking) to be subsidised by profitable aspects (life-style supplements)

If they're disintermediated, how will important, essential, non-profitable stuff be carried out?

Maybe by TheAgeOfAmateurs?

NB : If the market can't fund important investigative reporting work, the fault is in the market as mechanism of funding, NOT the investigative reporting for being unprofitable.

The tension between bundling and unbundling : http://www.roughtype.com/archives/2005/12/thepiecemeale.php

But I disagree that the connecting of all computers into one network should be called "bundling".

There's a qualitative difference between the connecting of the computers (voluntary, one-way, decisions by each individual consumer to join the cloud) and the bundling of multiple stories into a newspaper (not a decision by the consumer but by the provider, with two-way dependencies - I can't buy A without B or vice-versa)

There's a higher-dimensional field here, rather than a single bundled-unbundles axis. (See also OneWayLinks)

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