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JohnRobb asks whether anyone is applying SystemsThinking to the Media. That's a great idea. And I want to think about it too. (scroll scroll down)

So what are the systematic relations between media?

There are two kinds of analysis based on

  • Media types eg. television, weblogs,


Some thoughts ...

  • Media types may be particularly suited to tackling certain themes. So when those themes become important, the media will benefit. Eg. 9/11 and WarBlogs could have been a major boost to blogging.
  • Media types may convey certain messages or encourage certain attitudes. For example, I'm pretty convinced television is responsible for the world-wide resergence of religion in the late 20th century. Preaching doesn't work so well on radio, cinema or newspaper.
  • Moreover, MediaAndMaterials, suggests we might assertain which properties of the media encourage these attitudes. Hence fast-media which cover a large distance encourage thinking about geography, media which stays in one place for a long time, makes you think about history. Compare also SpaceVsInformationFlows/WebVsPrint
  • Media types and instances are in conflict for attention. (MediaInConflict)
  • So there's some displacement of readers from one to another. Could be seen as inhibitory linking within a CompetitiveArchitecture.
  • The NetoCracy claim : Media is a network organization in conflict with TheNationState and therefore is always attacking it. (NetoCracy/MediaAgainstTheState)

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