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  • Might work in Brasilia, lot of flat rooftops.
  • Maybe a ModularityMistake at the small-scale. If they are designed to be fairly independent of the building they're on, doesn't this make the flows between the city and them quite difficult. How do people get into them? What about water, gas, electiricity? (Wireles phones and internet I suppose)

I got the impression that the fact that they're fairly independent of the building that they're on was more to do with ease of installation than anything else. They're designed to be easy to move around.

They're not meant to be independent full time homes for real people. They're high-tech garden sheds for the rich or, as the project concept worded it "a temporary minimalistic domicile ... to suit people of a nomadic lifestyle, living for short periods of time in large cities and dense urban areas" :-)


According to TheInformationArchitectureOfCities, simplifying intallation without considering the role in the wider system is the biggest ModularityMistake. It's equivalent to creating a class full of unrelated methods and thinking it's good design because you created separate abstract interface and concrete implementations.


I think we're in violent agreement, just pointing out that the problem is with the concept rather than the design if you see what I mean. The whole idea that flat rooftops are free unused real estate is just broken in the vast majority of cases. – AdrianHoward

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