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A lot of his thinking is that there's a non-linear return on certain technologies.

There are technologies which when we deploy a bit of them, improve our societies and lives. But as we deploy more of them their value decreases and they can even become counter-productive and outright harmful.

This includes formal schooling and assessment, some kinds of health care etc.

OTOH, this can look like straight up "conservatism" as in "I liked the growth of this technology and the changes it wrought from its start to the degree it is today that I'm used to, but now I see it growing even further and changing things even more, I think that's bad.

However, we can all experience and understand that.

For example, I can see that my own reaction to SocialSoftware, SocialMedia following this trajectory. From being a huge fan and booster (and working on social software) 25 years ago. To being much more sceptical and critical and even afraid of the effects of (SocialMediaThinking) today.

Or maybe this is me BecomingConservative? :-/

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