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Hip hop culture (as originally conceived) consists of "the five elements" :

  • Rapping : rhythmic oral poetry. Often improvised (freestyling) (See also OralCulture, RapMusic)
  • DJing : constructing underlying music from scratches, breaks and samples. Starting with TurnTablism and later digital sampling.
  • " Writing " : Graffiti, writing your tag (name) in WildStyle. An "illuminated" script which is both art and secret code, your name can only be read by the cognoscenti.
  • Break dancing
  • Beatboxing

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Quora Answer : Isn't hip hop taking music back 50,000 years given how it is just talking and grunting and has nothing to do with vocal cords and range?

Feb 14, 2020

What you have to remember is that men are meant to just talk and grunt. Scientists have shown that that's what their vocal cords are for.

"Singing" is a plot by post-modernist homosexuals to persuade men to talk in a high feminine voice. In order to confuse kids about the basic biological facts of being either male or female.

So hip-hop is finally freeing us from 50,000 years of Marxist-feminist science-denial that was masquerading as "art". At last, we are getting back to REAL MUSIC. Rejoice.

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