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Quora Answer : What musical instrument can replace a rapper?

May 15, 2020

No instrument is an exact replacement for the human voice. Because the voice has a special place in music, representing a human.

Perhaps rap as we currently understand it will go out of fashion and be replaced by singing again.

I personally would say that even in hip-hop there's a new style of vocalization evolving which is somewhere between rapping as traditionally understood and singing. It's already replacing "old-skool rap" of the kind that came out in the 80s and flourished through to the 2010s. This cloud-rap / trap / future soul style of what I call "auto-croon" is taking over the world. (Phil Jones (He / Him)'s answer to Can you sing and rap simultaneously? Are there any artists that do this?)

But no abstract instrumental sound is going to replace the human voice.