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Refactored from HeatherJames. Heather realizes she needs her own PersonalWiki / PersonalKnowledgeManagement system.

Like I said on the other page : SdiDesk :-)

... or maybe. Unless you want it on a public web-server, in which case probably UseMod / OddMuse is the way to go.


I wish I could have both a desk top app, and a public one. At home I have a horrible dial-up connection. And I have a triangular path between home, school and work (4, 4.5, 6 hrs) across the country; so I'm all over theplace when I'm doing research, and on different machines. So! I wish I could dump into one at home as I read, then upload to my web ThoughtStorm so I could access it when I am abroad. ooo like a way to synch it up. that sounds really bad-ass. it must exist surely??

I also use Mac (at home and work) and PCs and Linux (at school and work)... bah! I'm a horrible one. Lemme get a closer look, so SdiDesk work for Macs?

what i usually do is keep multiple note pad documents here at school, then email them to myself, and put them into outline form. it's all arseways. you don't even want to know. but i'm sitting on just too-much stuff right now. i must start sorting through it asap. — HeatherJames

Yep, those are the big issues.

SdiDesk is in VB so Windows only (yeah, I know, sorry). I've got "rewrite in PythonLanguage" plans for sometime next-year. (Although if someone else does it in the meantime, I'd be very happy. I'm not precious about the code. Just make sure you keep the UI of my choice : UseMod markup; the split between raw / edit and presentation modes; and the diagramming.)

Then there is the issue of a centralized server or an offline solution. I must confess, for me I use ThoughtStorms as my main wiki. I use my copy of SdiDesk for a) personal stuff which shouldn't be public (like names and addresses etc.) and b) for drafting things which I'll eventually (manually) copy to this wiki. Earlier this year I had the worst dial-up connection from home and I did use SdiDesk a lot for drafting and keeping URLs etc. Since I've got DSL I have returned to using ThoughtStorms more. And yep, I've updated TS from cybercafes in Bolivia / Peru and Argentina. That's an amazing capacity to have, when you think about it.

I don't know anything that syncs automatically between a local offline thing and a remote online one (it's on the long-term SdiDesk todolist.) But you could certainly keep a local copy of a wiki running on a local web-server on your machine and then copy and paste between them. (Maybe MoinMoin or Instiki depending what languages you can run on your web-host.)

(Of course, copying and pasting from SdiDesk to ThoughtStorms is very easy because the markup is 90% the same. It might be a bit harder if you use something like VoodooPad on the Mac. )

Increasingly, the big problem of public wikis is spamming. So you might choose to make it privately writable. But then cool people like a second you wouldn't be able to add useful links.


One approach I've used in the past (though don't use lately since I have cable at home, etc.) is to write notes in MsOutlook or PalmDesktop and synch to my PDA. You still have the issue of manually copying and pasting between the desktop and the wiki form.


Heather, sorry, I think I lost your last comments here in the rollback ... if you feel like posting again :-(


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