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Gbloink! is a piece of experimental music software written by PhilJones. Originally on Windows back in the 1990s.

I thought I was finished with it for many years. But somehow the idea keeps coming back. I keep playing around with it. Both rewriting the software and using it to make new music.

More on the Gbloink! site :

In 2022. Gbloink! bounces back

I've finally connected classic Gbloink! with FLStudio

There's now an experimental Gbloink! in the Browser. Try it at

As of 2020, there's also the beginnings of a new desktop version, written in ProcessingProcessing (JavaLanguage) which can on any desktop. See to download.

The last Windows release, Gbloink1.8 is also available from here (Windows only I'm afraid. It's an old piece of software.)

Gbloink! Jam, Jan 2022

Gbloink! + FL Studio gives us some pretty amazing results.

Other people are also interested in music emerging from interactions between a few dumb agents :

Contrast :

Compare :

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