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Context: BRICS, China, OnMoney

A combination of rising self-awareness and will to independence among the BRICS countries, is accelerating the move away from using the dollar for their international payments.

The process was also boosted by attempts by the West to sanction Russia after the RussianInvasionOfUkraine2022 including cutting Russia off from SWIFT (

2024 : China and Russia almost entirely dedollarized trade between themselves :–china-reach-near-complete-de-dollarization-in-bilate

2023-08-25 : Don't believe the hype:

2023-06-14 :

China’s de-dollarization strategy can basically be summed up as follows: creating trade payment systems based on the national currencies of trading partners, dumping US treasuries, and breaking the petrodollar system while buying massive amounts of gold.

DilmaRousseff is now head of BRICS bank. And moving towards 30% of loans in non-dollar currencies :

Brazil recently (early 2023) did a deal with China that trade between the two countries can be in Yuan and Reais :

Bangladesh pays Russia back in Yuan :

Interesting suggestion. China is not so much dumping dollars as moving them out of US and European banks.