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This is an old page. But the thought now seems increasingly obvious and worrying.

Here's a thought that disturbs me.

Can a society be destroyed by "communication overload"?

This is a bit like InformationOverload (which we remember is the chosen weapon of oppression in NetoCracy). And a bit like WikiSick but on a communal level.

But here ... the thought is that by wiring ourselves too closely to everyone else in our society via SocialMedia ... perhaps we're too exposed to, and on top of each other. We see too much of the thinking of too many other people.

It's tiring.

And ultimately, rather than helping us understand and tolerate and feel closer to others, perhaps it reveals their views as tiresome clich├ęs which we are satisfied we have already debunked, but which frustratingly won't go away.

Duty Calls

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