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Context : ChristopherAlexander, ProgrammerAsArtist

Christopher Alexander keynote talk at a programmer conference :

"Please forgive me, I'm going to be very direct and blunt for a horrible second. It could be thought that the technical way in which you currently look at programming is almost as if you were willing to be 'guns for hire.' In other words, you are the technicians. You know how to make the programs work. 'Tell us what to do daddy, and we'll do it.' That is the worm in the apple."

"What I am proposing here is something a little bit different from that."

Tayssir John Gabbour

Here it is!!!

Wow! Fuck! I didn't know about this. That is such an amazing vision. Programmers as people who understand languages for growing OrganicArchitecture via StructurePreservingTransformations. That keys into so many things I have intuititively thought but didn't know how to frame. Inspirational.

Compare my comments on PatternLanguageForTheSocialNetwork. And (WarpLink) WikiAsUltimateUserConfigurableApplication

Counter : HardwareStuffAndSoftwareStuff (software might be harder than hardware)


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