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An organizational structure which packages your activities into items of property ready to be traded in a market.

OK, that's a slightly clinky definition. But it gets at what I want to think about.


SethGodin in Bootstrappers Bible says copy an existing business model.

Compare StewardBrand in HowBuildingsLearn saying copy the vernacular, and that existing buildings are more freeing because their constraints focus the creativity.

EstherDyson thinks about the types of products for a SmallBusiness. And their relation to Google.

... three broad categories not by size or industry, but into sellers of :

  • Goods that can be described in a catalogue and shipped to someone ...
  • Online services that can be both described and delivered online ...
  • Local, physical services.

Compare :

JoelSpolsky looks at different incentives for entrepreneurs and VentureCapitalists : (Compare (Compare OnRisk, BootStrapping)

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