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A political divide is occurring in the ClassWarBetweenProductsAndServices.

An InformationEconomy such as the US, Japan or parts of Europe can choose either a product strategy or a ServiceStrategy.

The Product Strategy

You have to get the price of stuff down as low as possible. Yet cement yourself into the value chain to cream off as much as possible. So .. embrace and fiercely defend IntellectualProperty. Invest heavily in brands (NoLogo) and franchise your FormOfLife to those who can afford it. (TheAgeOfAccess)

Impose your ideas on the rest of the world through CulturalImperialism, and then tax it for the use of those them.

Rigorously oppose anyone else forming their own ideas or doing their own research :

  • Use Patents aggressively,
  • BioPiracy of other people's ecosystems
  • and folklore (See also WorldMusic),
  • Lock up your scientific knowledge in paid journals (See AcademiaVsNewMedia)
  • Bomb the foreigners' nuclear and chemical research facilities ostensibly on the grounds that they may contribute to weapons programs.

See also :

  • SteveAntler thinks that the product position is a conservative one. So all discussions of BecomingConservative maybe relevant.
  • BlobJects for a view of the evolution of the "designed object" and it's social and economic relations.