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Also makes an interesting point that the larger denominations of BankNote are favoured by the black-market because it's easier to hide. The invention of the 500 Euro note has helped global illegal currency dealers shift their holdings from dollars to Euros? A lesson for alt.moneys? (AltMoneyBarriersToEntry :-)

BruceSterling :

Fake companies : (See (See also : GlobalProcessNetworkManagement, NoLogo)

Over on WhatsWrongWithInequality I originally added a link to a Guardian story about the death of Chinese illegal workers in the UK :

Which prompted this discussion with Zbigniew :

I did work 'on black' in Holland, Germany and Luxembourg and I like that experience.


Did you get ill or need medical attention?


I remember one very bad case of sunburn, a flu, and once I had to go to dentist. One friend of mine had something in his heel - very painfull and he did cut it himself with a blade and removed the bad tissue. Of course that was risky, but staying at home and not having mone for my studies would be worse. The thing that we feared most was that police would catch us.

I think they write such articles to persuade people that there should be even more police to catch the illegals, and that is a really twisted logic that using compassion for the illegals thay want to argue for something against them.


ArnoldKling on Black-markets in Russia : (Answer (Answer to DanielDavies point on the trouble with oligarchs (See also GlobalizationAndItsDiscontents / NationState/UnderAttack)

Chapter of book "Illicit" on black market :

2005 riots in France a result of a clash between legal and illegal economies :

More on the relation between black-market and power in GenderRelations in the French suburbs :

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