IfYouDontPayForIt ... you play with it.

If you have an unpaid (so apparently limitless) supply of something, you're more inclined to risk playing with it. Using it for new, experimental ideas.

A huge increase in speed and capacity of communication created the opportunity for many plays and experiments on the internet, which have, in turn created many useful applications.

Quick thought about the SokolSocialTextAffair and after a discussion with an artist where I found myself continually trying to enforce distinctions and her continually denying them. You could see LogicalConsistency as a kind of epistemological constraint. (See also : KarlPopper) And there are a number of different disciplines which enforce it more or less rigorously. Perhaps maths, AnalyticPhilosophy and hard sciences enforce it most. Softer sciences and humanities enforce it less. Arts almost not at all.

And perhaps these form ShearingLayers of a larger system of knowledge. Outrageous ideas appear in the arts, where they aren't required to maintain internal coherence, but what is fruitful gets formalized, bubbling through the layers, becoming more rigorous and predictable as it goes???

See also PaulFeyerabend

To what extent is techno-play eg. ReallyBigButton, the same as art?