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This page to note logical structure of PlatformWars (Context OnPlatforms)

Some ideas discussed elsewhere :

Other suggestions

JoelSpolsky's strategy

JoelSpolsky's on promoting your software as a platform :

JeremyZawodny's Where is everywhere?

** do something very well

** become a platform / open up the API to outside developers (see also TheArchitectureOfParticipation)

** find a way to share and channel any revenues to users (Amazon affiliates, Google AdWords)

The Zawodny piece doesn't really discuss another important question. Can you plan for these or is each step dependent on the previous. Must you already have a hit, popular site which is a leader at what it does before you start worrying about steps 2 and 3, or can you simply include 2 and 3 from the first moment, hoping they'll also drive popularity?

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