CyberHarassment (ThoughtStorms)

Problems with getting police action :

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Unpleasant thought :

Are Cyber-harassment and InternetTrolls actually a kind of rising tide of resentment / feeble resistance by the consumetariat underclass in arriving NetoCracy?

I mean, these are the people losing out in the attention / connectivity competition. Of course the only way to win a bit of attention is to harass those with more of it. A violent fantasy is the way to get the attention of the more famous. (Compare "haters" in TheWorldOfHipHop).

Of course it takes on a misogynistic flavour (wars often do as patriarchy is interwoven with other concerns). The anti-feminist trolls are caught in the paradox of hoping their masculinity gives them privilege and the reality of their attentionless / Consumtariat state under netocracy.

By 2017 ... we know that this is more or less right.

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