Context : NetoCracy / Consumtariat

AlexanderBard falls into the classic DemonizationOfTheWorkingClass here when he underestimates the Consumtariat:

They aren't just friendless middle-aged men surfing porn. The real picture is a class of the semi-excluded, fighting for relevance.

They're hooked into real networks, their churches and survivalist movements. But they can feel that these networks don't have the power in the world that they really want or feel they deserve.

This is why the TeaParty and RightWingPopulism is such a powerful idea to them. It IS a movement which gives the Consumtariat an apparent taste of real power. It's also a movement that demonstrates the diminution of government power (as the only power that the Tea Party can wield within the US congress is a blocking / disrupting one.)

Note that AlexanderBard seems to have FallenDownTheRabbitHole into RightWingPopulism these days. He's arguing social conservative positions under the cover of FreedomOfSpeech against the some mythical oppression by SocialJusticeWarriors

Because it is "consumtariat politics" it never challenges the "consumer" identity of the consumtariat by questioning consumption or raising environmental concerns.

Is CyberHarassment a consumtariat "strategy" / resentment? CyberHarassmentAsConsumtariatPolitics

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