LiberalElite (ThoughtStorms)

(ReadWith) CyberHarassment

RightWingPopulism accuses the "liberal elite" of being out-of-touch, snobbish, not caring about the WorkingClass.

Could there be something more than rhetoric to this?

A disturbing idea :

perhaps part of the transition FeudalismCapitalismInformationalism or NetoCracy is that information (education / connections) capital IS worth more than money.

And we're seeing the rebellion of the "have-not" Consumtariat against the elites.

Most traditional leftists assumed this would be the poor against the rich. But what if it's the "information / culture poor" against the "information / culture rich"? ie. the "cognitive elites"?

That would fit the pattern of poor uneducated siding with the super-wealthy (but playing dumb) populists like DonaldTrump against the middle-class who have some higher education.


Added 2018-10-08 : Originally 2018-10-08