CompetitiveWiki (ThoughtStorms)

I'm thinking about turning a wiki into a CompetitiveArchitecture?

How could you do it?

: Hmmm... maybe this already partially happens due to the FlatNameSpace which reserves each PageName for one page? Different groups are competing for ownership of the word?

Why might it be interesting?

Why it might be disasterous


At the end of this short thought experiment, I guess it might be useful where you have a limited, co-operative community, but less useful for larger communities with different interests.

NB: This isn't exactly the idea of competitive mentioned on WhyIsntEverythingWiki, which is about a space for arguments between different view-points. (See also TypedThreadedDiscussion / DisputationArena)

FractalWiki, WikiArchy and Meatball:NakedWiki are also ways of changing the ground rules of wiki and seeing how the structure of texts evolves differently.

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