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The original HyperText system from the original SmartDisorganizedIndividual : TedNelson


Part 1a

Nelson now says that VisibleLinks are the most important idea.

Part 1b

Part 1c

Parallel documents. ((WarpLink) the IOTA ''tangle'')

Nelson demonstrating Xanadu Space

JohnOhno who is recently involved in it lambasts projects like the web, Wikis , DigitalGardeners of rediscovering the ideas but doing a failed 8th of the project.


However he seems to have written a useful explanation of the less well understood parts.


Clearly there are ideas in Xanadu which couldn't be built that held back the bits that could.

The web exists because TimBernersLee decided not to bother about BrokenLinks.

Much exists because we weren't hung up on monetisation and MicroPayments the way Nelson was.

It's hard to see how Xanadu could have been built in one go rather than evolved out of earlier web experiments.

Obviously the immutability mentioned in the article might come about as there are many new BlockChain based immutable distributed file systems. Hooking a wiki up to one of them, via, say BeakerBrowser and HypercoreProtocol / would make this part plausible.

The data-structures of Xanadu: https://github.com/enkiv2/misc/tree/master/ds-lib

Kaukatcr, a language for programming multi-dimensional spaces. https://enkiv2.medium.com/kaukatcr-an-experiment-in-language-design-for-multi-dimensional-spaces-cc038caafff9

The PatternLanguage of Xanadu : https://maggieappleton.com/xanadu-patterns

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