ThoughtStorms Wiki

This was written a long time ago. ThoughtStorms now has over 5000 pages


Today, I have 1664 pages in ThoughtStorms. CommaCount 1087 ... I'm aiming for 2000 / 1300 by the end of the year.

What would have happened if I'd spent the last year and a half putting this energy into a WebLog?

I'd have a linear structure; one that was full of interesting bits and pieces. One which was fairly searchable by text or date. But not nearly as many links between items. No indexes which cluster and associate different items into various cuts and facets.

With wiki, instead of a linear structure, I have a fiendishly twisted folding of the same material. Maybe the difference between an inert string of chemicals and a crucial piece of the machinery of life.

And, of course, every wiki is uniquely different curved space. Not all wikis should be Wikipedia and strive for the same "objective" associations. Each has a personality. A unique fingerprint.

Wiki is easily folded into a HyperText because ConcretePageNames improve the fluency of link-making (LinkLanguage)

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