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TomCoates has a two dimensional model of the relation between SocialSoftware and "the other things we do in our lives"

Dimension 1, a choice of the role that the shared medium plays :

  • ambient background (background music in a bar)
  • inspires but doesn't dominate the social interaction (going to a club where you are there for the music, but not listening attentively)
  • focus of attention (going to the cinema)

Dimension 2 is whether this is with friends or strangers.

DanahBoyd on culture and SocialNetworking : which which should also be linked with CreativeClass and her comments on LiveJournal.

Of course, a cynic might note that Social Software turned into the capitalist monster it now is, in the form of SocialMedia doesn't want to relate to the other things you want to do in your life. It's ruthelesly focused on trying to capture all your attention to the things it wants ... which is basically maximum "engagement".

Coates's idealism that social-software would complement and augment reality looks simultaneously naive but also a direction for the future.


Meet people for films :

How would it be if you made RossMayfieldsThreeScalesOfNetwork the second dimension?

Ambient Inspirational Focus
Political . . .
Social . . .
Creative . . .

ZbigniewLukasiak is developing more communication dimensions here :


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