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Or perhaps it's too permanent? ForgettingInThoughtStorms

This page was about stuff getting deleted from the wiki. And how that was OK-ish.

Update : What actually happened? ThoughtStorms moved to wikis that only I can edit.

I'm still seeing what this means for its impermanence. The problem today is not spam, but DeadLinks and out-dated information that needs to be cleaned out or composted.

Original Story

ThoughtStorms is nearly 18 months old. So far I've been lucky. No one has ever attempted to vandalize ThoughtStorms. (Although there was that French guy who just wanted to boost his PageRank. But at least he was honest about it.)

At some point though, ThoughtStorms will probably get irretrievably damaged or swamped by Bozos. What can I do to protect against this?

Maybe nothing.

Maybe that's the natural life-cycle of a wiki. And maybe TS's last valuable act is to teach us about dissolution and death of HyperTexts? Maybe there's still dignity, and creative magic in a wiki as it goes down in flames?

Is this because I'm more interested in Wiki as genre than community? (See also CommunityOrGenre)

I back up my wiki every so often. – SebPaquet

.. Yeah, me too. See ThoughtStormsBackedUp for how to get a copy. – PhilJones

Update : October 2004

Since the above was written, we have, of course, been found by the spammers. (SpammingThoughtStorms) I am not allowing this wave of spamming to kill us. I'm looking for a way to keep ThoughtStorms going and open to everyone. One day it will disappear, but not yet. – PhilJones

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