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The web you primarily hear, and communicate with by talking. It could be the car stereo that reads your email to you, out loud, or phone services with speech recognition.

I would add all the streaming audio to this category. There is an entire web for which there will be either no screen at all, or a minimal one.

Update : It happened iPod and PodCasting

Even more so with things like AmazonAlexa and VoiceRecognition

ClubHouse is voice only SocialMedia

Quora Answer : Is the next big thing in social media?

Feb 15, 2016

I suspect not.

Talking out loud is far less convenient than typing - even on a phone keyboard. Think of the downsides ... everyone around you hears what you say (no privacy), there's a babel if lots of people try to do it at once, other people can interfere with what you are trying to say by shouting over you, there's no equivalent of quick activity like "Like" buttons or Emoji. Things can only work at the speed you can talk.

Talking on a phone is something that's limited to urgent, synchronous conversation and decision making. (And even here people are increasingly using text and chat like WhatsApp where possible.)

And unlike video, speech doesn't give a good ... er ... "picture" of how you are (clothes, body language, facial expression) and your surroundings.

So I think audio-clips fall between various stools : the private / asynchronous usage of typed texting / emojiing; the urgent usage of telephone calls; and the very public but highly informative and performative usage of selfies and short video-clips.

There might well be applications for it ... like podcasting in general. Or a new kind of radio "phone-in" program ... but, as a ubiquitous fabric of our always-on communication ... the way Whatsapp or Facebook have become, then I can't see it.