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What do I mean?

Well, on the internet, we sometimes see some low level "mechanical" functionality starting to control or challenge and supersede the

I'm thinking about this in the context of OnBadges but it's a general PlatformWars principle.

Although badging servers are not yet challenging schools and colleges, something like YouTube which is basically just a transport mechanism for videos, has become much more successful in providing online education than many much more expert educational establishments, which have nevertheless failed to master the broadcast technology.

Or, in the case of individuals. Many expert university professors have been eclipsed by YouTubers who know and understand far less than they do, but are better able to communicate their ideas.

(See AcademiaVsNewMedia)

Another example might be my point about OffShoring. The West congratulated itself on being the brains designing the products, while the slog of merely making them could be sent to Asia.

Instead, Asian companies found it easier to learn to design the sophisticated products and move up the value chain, than Western companies have been able to bring manufacturing back to their native countries.

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