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There's no Taliban page on ThoughtStorms. That's because it looked like they were already in the dustbin of history before ThoughtStorms even got started.

Back in the day, we were already ranting about the AmericanAttackOnIraq. Afghanistan was already done.

Underestimated them, didn't we?


Ashley Jackson's Thread & Links below

I’ve gotten many requests for Taliban analysis or explainers, so here's a 🧵on well-evidenced research and credible sources

(caveat: the Taliban are profoundly unpredictable, as recent events illustrate, and even those who have studied the group deeply are often proved wrong)

A collection of @AANafgh work on life under and with the Taliban:

@AANafgh From a human rights perspective, @hrw has done extensive work on the shadow government as well as Taliban attitudes to/attacks on media and education

I wrote a report on their shadow government in 2018 @ODI_Global

And a companion piece for @FP

(I also just wrote a book about this and how civilians navigate it, but that will cost you; these are free..cheaper in the case of @FP)

On Taliban courts and their interpretation of shariah

On the Taliban’s evolution @thruttig

@thruttig On what they might mean when they talk about an ‘Islamic system’

On the Haqqani network, and understanding who Anas and Sirajuddin are, why they matter

On the Taliban’s view of Al Qaeda, and how that might evolve now

On the ‘peace’ process, and what led us here @CrisisGroup @andhuhwhat

@CrisisGroup @andhuhwhat On what comes next…

My take

Giustozzi’s take

Osman & Gopal’s research

Also, follow @Afghan_Policy

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