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The Network is the Computer

Sun's slogan.

Read with : UnComputer

Microsoft benefited, along with consumers, from the last round of "creative destruction" as PC hardware was commoditized. This time around, Microsoft sees the commoditization of operating systems, databases, web servers and browsers, and related software as destructive to its core business. But that destruction has created the opportunity for the killer applications of the Internet era. Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, eBay – to mention only a few – are the beneficiaries.

TimOReilly (see article linked from OpenSource/ParadigmShift, really don't miss it. URL again :

Google has built a giant supercomputer :

Will the next platform commodify this?


By creating a new standard interface between this network computer and it's users.

But TheUserIsThePlatform. So I guess the way to commodify the Network / Computer is to create standard interfaces to users. HTML was one. FOAF might be another.

Nah ... I'm repeating myself here. There's another story and I'm not clever enough to see it :-(

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