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The Here Web is the web on mobile devices.

RusselBeattie says ITS A BIG DEAL :

PaulGolding : Becoming a mobilist :

June 2004 :

Oct 2004 :

History (deprecated)

Back in 2000 I thought it still wasn't clear quite what the mobile web was for or where real killer applications would be. I think this text is only gonna be around for a little longer ...

Current thinking ranges through ...

  • quick-lookup restaurant / what's on guides,
  • an alternative credit card for making payments,
  • reproducing the near web whenever you need it,
  • reproducing the far web whenever you need it

Obviously, reproducing the other webs doesn't play to the strengths of mobile, but is, for some users, highly desirable. Considerable disappointment set in with WAP when it was realized that something that had originally been billed as "the net on your mobile" was nothing like the web.

To find what mobile specific apps. could become hits, it might be worth considering actual, succesful applications for mobile devices :

  • Voice communication (phones)
  • Short Messaging
  • Music (Sony Walkman)
  • Gaming (Nintendo Gameboy)

Final question - does the "Here Web" merge with the next category, the "Voice Web"?

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