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Down the side of many weblogs and news pages you have "gutters". Long thin columns of typically more permanent MicroContent

What things are already there :

What else?

BillSeitz says

But, amusingly, one thing that seems to make pages more "attractive" is having some sidebar stuff, which ironically I find rather a distraction most of the time and something that gets in the way of having lots of pages open at the same time in smaller windows....

Interesting question, what would be the purpose of a gutter to a wiki? Obviously the highest-level, most standard navigation. But many wikis have no notion of "highest level". They have many alternative indexes and no desire to prioritise one.

Obviously not very useful in mobile / phone sized / shaped apps.

In fact, reactive pages dispense with the gutter.

TedNelson thinks we need parallel text, with VisibleLinks between them.

SmallestFederatedWiki got half-way there, with multiple columns showing multiple "pages", but didn't go for visible links between them.


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