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JoiIto on why wiki is for text people, not visual people.



They think AlwaysBetOnText

Guess I'm a hardcore text person. Otherwise I wouldn't own the domain name "hangthedesigner.com" Update 2020: Wait? What? Was that a joke? Did I own that domain name? I can't even remember. I certainly don't any more.)

Anyway the comments are interesting.

  • I love wiki. But I see why some people don't.
  • Strange how the conversation turns into wiki vs blogs. Maybe because these people are getting into visual blogs
  • Some complaints about lack of high level structure. I think wiki supports high level structure beautifully, because it allows users to create their own ... and of many different organizations

See AgainstDirectManipulation for more on my philosophy of keeping a "gap" between source text and final rendering.



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