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Tuning into feeds

Aggregators are classic Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out machines. They tap a diversity of available textcasts but then the processing stops and the filtering, ordering and sensemaking is left to humans. For blog textcasts you can leaving comments which serve as requests as indications of hits and misses. Wiki recent changes casts mean the possibility of interacting, linking in, rewriting.

Does it refer to SearchResultFeeds too?

Thanks for this. The impression I get of TextCast is that it's a general idea that subsumes RSS / SyndicationFeeds and RecentChanges lists. Maybe you could explain a bit more? Are you looking for a standard way of marking these up with other meta-data? If so, what else do you want to add to it?


"reminds me that" Radio Teletype RTTY has broadcast text weather information over the radio for 50 years and used to provide the English Football scores on Saturdays. http://www.franksingleton.clara.net/rtty.html

"reminds me that" early ceefax teletext feeling of chasing a headline in the hope of a media rush - lusting for the web that wasn't there yet.

"agreement" Metadata to thread and historicise casts would help.

"randomness" Rolling RSS Bingo would go down well in Brazil (maybe should put that into the AlgebraOfFeeds)


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