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An analogy between RSS and RiverNetworks

RiverNetworks have a potential difference, or a force of flow, pushing information in one direction.

Can we perceive the same in InformationFlows?

RiverNetworks follow a PowerLaw. Lots of little rivers pick up water from small catchment areas. A few big ones pull from the larger area.

Maybe an analogy with BroadCatching. A few blog capture a wide range of audience participation, more capture small.

or TextCast

Feeds as streams(Garden by a babbling stream) :

RobertCringely : What is a web log, really? The best ones are full of ideas, I suppose, but are they lakes or streams or even fountains of thoughts?

See also GardenImagologies, and this :

DaveWiner's Radio Userland appeals to people because it follows the pattern of Windows Overlooking Life. Software that understands the Hierarchy of Space pattern is easier to comprehend.

Hmmm. DaveWiner talks about a River of News : must, must have been [reading reading]] this page, no?

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