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"The point," he says, "is that economic theory says that can't happen. But it does."

Fast Company, Which Price is Right? :

Capitalism has always argued that price is not equal to cost, because it depends on demand. Commodities have a price floating, set by the market. But because the market can set a price below cost, it leads to TheAgeOfAmateurs

All about PricingSoftware

Summary : introduce a high-end product and people irrationally start buying your old high-end, now medium-range product on the grounds that it's the compromise between the worst and the best. (See also HappyMedium, JoelSpolsky :

Sun auction their servers on EBay to find the right price.

Our view is that by adding an operating system, we ought to be able to directly connect our outsourced manufacturers to eBay, sell through our entire capacity with a reserve price at $1 – and never touch a box.

NickCarr on pricing of AmazonCorp's S3 :

Not entirely understanding all this user-defined pricing thing. But need to :

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