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A political divide is occurring in the ClassWarBetweenProductsAndServices.

An InformationEconomy? such as the US, Japan or parts of Europe can choose either a service strategy or a ProductStrategy?.

The Service Strategy

A service strategy is one which tries to maintain the price of labour. Knowledge is seen to add value to labour. So, dispense with IntellectualProperty and

  • Encourage free dissemination of ideas and content. (TheFreeSoftwarePhenomenon, FreeMusic)
  • Sell only your time to customize and improve on ideas. (TheNextEconomyOfIdeas)
  • Encourage more work to be done outside the paid market (TheAgeOfAmateurs)

Compare ThirdMorality :

Here's a question. Does "investment" make sense in a service context? For example, an investor puts a lot of money, up front, to build a factory, and if it works out, everyone benefits. The investor gets paid back more than he or she put in, the workers get jobs, the customers get stuff.

Does the same really work in the context of a service? What are the large, fixed, sunken costs that an investor can pay now so that he / she can take out more later? Aren't services, by their nature, the sort of thing where there is an ongoing cost of providing the service?

Counter examples : phone system, internet cabling, PowerGrid?

See also ProductivityOfKnowledgeWork, RichardStallman