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In TheAgeOfInformation Momus sings

In the age of information
the only way to hide facts
Is with interpretations,
there is no way to stop the free exchange
Of idle speculations

This was a very arch and abstract idea back in the 90s. But today, in an age of HyperNormalization where PostEmbarrassment leaders will just lie and GasLight about their actions. When DonaldTrump and BorisJohnson can preside over catastrophic Covid19 failures, and still boast that they are doing well and better than everyone else. When you see supporters of Brexit constructing complex narratives to explain / justify claims that are, obviously bogus. (You can't trust "narrative", that's the lesson the post-modernists tried to teach us and we couldn't learn. (PostModernism)

Well then, given all that, these lyrics and the rest of the song, become much clearer and more concrete.

In this context, the notion of "sense-making" becomes more intelligible and urgent. A survival skill in an age of NetoCracy and InformationOverload as a weapon.

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There's a whole community that calls itself the SenseMakingCommunity which I'll consider on that page.