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Web services framework for Ruby :

What makes it work?

Adrian, any thoughts on this?

It's on my todo list to look at it in detail. From a quick skim it looks nice. Reminds me of Maypole in Perl – AdrianHoward

Phil, you may enjoy this presentation - a little hard to follow until you see the next-slide link at top of page but when he does hello-world in wsdl the "what to watch" list makes a lot of sense and ZeroTraining sets up an attractive mental "frame" – kk

Well a very nice idea. But I think I'm missing something. How the hell does he get the idea that I could fix a bug in Tomcat in an hour? (Or even PHP) I used Tomcat in my day-job for nearly 2 years and I still don't understand how the configuration files work.

I can't think of anything so high-level and self-evident that the "hour" claim looks sane. Which might be a hint that complex systems are fundamentally complex. (NoSilverBullet)


ps : I wonder if what he's proposing is like SmallTools?


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