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2012 : Spy drone round-up

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Quora Answer : Is it possible, using current drone, robotics, and AI technology, to design and manufacture small remote controlled humanoid mini robots that can run, fly, penetrate secured areas, and carry out espionage, assassination, and warfare?

Oct 6, 2017

This is coming.

I predict that with 100% confidence.

Have a look at Programmable Robot Swarms and basically anything to do with MEMS.

Probably the least likely part of what you're asking is the "humanoid" bit. While Micronauts would be damned cool, it's going to be much more efficient simply to make microbots that are specific to their function.

Want a camera / microphone for espionage? Make something that's a tiny flying camera / microphone. Need one with a USB stick to extract data or inject malware? Just make a crawling USB stick. Etc.

Similarly with poison tip stings. Or small explosives. Or specialists in chewing through cables. Or crawling into a rifle barrel and sabotaging it.

They're going to be more like termites. Many, cheap and specialized.