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ACultureOfConspiracy is all about how RightWing ConspiracyThinking cross-pollinated with UFO cults.

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Somehow I get mailouts from some crazy ThroughTheLookingGlass mailing lists. Here's one from today https://go.behindthemarkets.com/btm-ufo-weapon-vsl/ They think "UFO technology" is made by a small company you can invest in TODAY!!!



FarRight Brazilians calling for extraterrestrial intervention against LulaDaSilva

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I was particularly struck by this quote from TheGuardian :

For decades, US politicians have been reluctant to get involved in the topic of UFOs and aliens.

After a series of disclosures in recent months, however, Republicans and Democrats now appear to be lining up to inquire into the question of extraterrestrial life, as the world seems closer than ever to finding out whether we are alone in the universe.


My speculation is that this is part of TheEndOfConsensus and the collapse of the MemeticEcosystem due to the internet. Politicians are increasingly falling in with "conspiracy theories" because such theories are increasingly the only models of the world anyone has (now that there's no accepted authority and authoritative model of the world)

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